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Sheet cleaning machine with static and dust remove

Suitable for BLS(BACK LIGHT SHEET), BLU, PCB, FPCB, PDP, OLED, LCD, CD-ROM, FILM, GLAS, SILK PRINTING, MEMBRANE, METAL, ETC surface static or dust cleaning with follow specifications: 

1.Use ion pump sticky paper to remove dirt, super efficient in static and dust removal
2.Excellent performance of anti-dust and anti-static, leave the plate without rolling and scratch
3.Use the shaft side separation device, convenient cleaning and replacement 
4.Special made anti-dust roller, can be adjusted up and down, suitable for various thickness, makes dust removal more efficient
5.Use PLC sensor for freely adjust transmission mode and speed
6.Machine height 99cm and conveyor height 78cm, can be made for customized size
7.Durable O-ring conveyor belt