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Request a Demo:  of a rhinophyma procedure performed with the ACE Cutting System.ACE: Advanced Cutting Effect. The Precision of a Scalpel with the Power and Speed of Electrosurgery.A single instrument for:
- Incision
- Coagulation
- Dissection
Speed and Precision with wound healing equivalent to a scalpelThe Mega Power® Generator and ACE Blade® are “tuned” with each other to produce an Advanced Cutting Effect.A true replacement for the scalpel
- Time Savings
- Improved Safety and Efficacy
- Superior ControlTime Savings
- The single, innovative instrument effectively cuts, coagulates and dissects, reducing the need to pass scalpels and conventional electrosurgical blades back and forth
- The ACE Blade® glides through tough tissue with ease and precision
- E-Z Clean® PTFE non-stick coating minimizes eschar buildup, saving valuable timeImproved Safety & Efficacy
- Reduces or eliminates the need for a scalpel in the OR
- Cuts like a scalpel without having a razor’s edge
- Produces wound healing equivalent to a scalpel
- Can be safely used from skin to skin: incision, coagulation and dissectionSuperior Control
- Smoother and straighter incisions
- Easier to create vertical skin edges for challenging incisions
- ACE Blade® parts tissue rapidly and precisely without requiring tensionAbout E-Z Clean®
E-Z Clean® non-stick electrodes feature a proprietary polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating that reduces eschar buildup during surgical procedures, enabling surgeons to use lower power settings. Lower power settings mean less thermal necrosis to surrounding tissue and a further reduction in eschar build-up.E-Z CLEAN PTFE = FASTER SURGERY
Save time and minimize cleaning disruptions during electrosurgery by using Megadyne’s E-Z Clean® non-stick tips.Megadyne, the exclusive manufacturer of E-Z Clean® non-stick PTFE Coated Electrosurgery Tips, offers a full line of Electrosurgical Products including:Mega Power® Electrosurgical Generator// VacTM Smoke Evacuation// Soft® Reusable Patient Return Electrodes// Clean® family of electrodes// Pencils// Clean® Laparoscopic Electrodes// Forceps// Coagulators// Loop Electrodes// or Comments? Contact Us!