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Production of Surgical Disposables Gowns and Drapes (Medical Textiles)

A surgical drape is a covering made of a disposable non-woven material and is used to cover the area of a patient. A drape usually has a fenestration (an opening) to allow the surgeon to perform the operation. It comes in various sizes depending on the type of operation for which it is used. Drapes also vary from hospital to hospital. For example, for an eye operation, a drape measuring 15 sq. in. with a fenestration measuring 3 sq. in. might be sufficient, while for open heart surgery, the largest drape manufactured, a laparotomy drape which covers the entire body is required.
Surgical drapes are used to prevent contamination of suture material and to maintain a sterile field at the surgical site. Drapes are placed on the animal once it is prepared and positioned on the surgical platform. The use of disposable drapes allows for the surgeon to cut an opening or fenestration in the drape to any size or shape.

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