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Plastic grinder | plastic scrap grinder | plastic crusher | plastic mixer

Plastic Waste Grinding Machine 
Heavy duty crusher & grinder 
We are specialized in manufacturing a vast range of highly functional Crusher and Grinder, 
which is used for grinding plastic scraps. Our scrap grinders comprise of extremely sharp blades which are efficient in operation 
and consuming less power. Simplistic in construction yet effective in delivering performance, 
our scrap grinders have easy operating modes.
We are counted amongst the leading manufacturers and suppliers 
of an exhaustive assortment of Plastic Grinder / Crusher. Being a pro-client organization,
we put in ardent efforts to maintain the consistent quality of our products. 
For the convenience of our clients, we are offering these in varying capacities,
which are dependent upon the type of material, scrap sizes and sizes
Plastic /pet bottles.
Hospital wastes (Syringe / vials / IV bottles etc.)
Heavy duty crusher & grinder 
Compact design
Long working life
High performance

Can Cut/Grind/Shredd:- Biomedical Waste Such as I.V Sets, Syringes, 
Surgical Gloves, Saline Bottles, Pet Bottles,Plastic Containers, 
PPCaps, Blister Pack, Medicine Strips,General Plastic Material, 
Chemical Lumps, etc.

Sr No. Machine size Motor HP Capacity /Hr.
1 4" 1Hp/415volts 20kg/Hr.
2 6" 2Hp/ 415volts 30kg/Hr
3 8" 3HP 40kg/Hr
4 12" 5HP 80kg/Hr
5 16" 10HP 125kg/Hr
6 20" 15HP 200kg/Hr
7 25" 20HP 350kg/Hr
8 30" 30HP 450kg/Hr