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Melting high density polyethylene HDPE plastic into usable blocks

After collecting milk bottles for the last few months I show how I create a usable block of HDPE (high density polyethylene)

This is going to form a small series in which I show some of the sort of things you can make or use with HDPE. This block will be a great start for my first project, so please make sure you click subscribe so you see what it will be!

For links to all the tools and accessories used in my videos please see below

Campark Sports Action Camera - 
Canon LEGRIA HF R706 - 

Pen Making 
Micro Mesh - 
Digital Kitchen Scales - 
Pen Turning Lathe Mandrel - 
CA glue - 

Hand Tools
Wooden tri square - 
Drywall T Square - 
Cabinet scraper - 
Angle Gauge
Wixey Digital Angle Gauge - 

Power tools
Triton TRA001 - 
Scheppach Tiger 2000 S - 
Hook & Loop Velcro pads - 
Hook & Loop 80 Grit discs - 

Safety Gear
Elipse half face mask - 
Welding gloves - 
Welding apron - 
Face shield - 
Protective goggles - 
Vonhaus random orbit sander - 
50 Sanding Discs Diameter 125 mm - 

3 in 1 - 
Danish oil - 
Briwax - 
Tung Oil - 

Toy box hinge - 
Japanese whetstone 1000/6000 - 
Whetstone 3000/8000 - 
18g nails - 
Spiral Scroll Saw Blade - 
Raspberry Pi 3 - 

Kreg router kit
Router Table Insert Plate Levellers - 
Level-Loc Reducing Rings 5pcs - 
Insert Plate Pre-Drilled -