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DemeTECH PGA Coated Sutures 12/pk

DemeTech - Polyglycolic Acid Suture is composed of 100% glycolide. The chemical formula of these sutures makes them absorbable, synthetic and sterile, giving them the best characteristics of both synthetic and natural sutures. Even after two weeks, about 84% of the initial strength remains and that goes to 23% of the tensile strength after 4 weeks. Only mild tissue reactivity has been shown during the absorption process, as the clinical trials reveals. These sutures are available dyed as well as colorless.

PGA or Polyglycolic Acid, is made of polymers of glycolide acids, which make for an easy tissue passage, precise knot placement, smooth tie down and a longer absorption period. Even after 3 weeks, DemeTech - Polyglycolic Acid Suture displayed greater tensile strength. One can ensure to get exceptional strength and ductility from every suture.

DemeTech Corporation, is a global leader in surgical sutures and blades and is an exceptional corporation, that always makes use of next-generation technology to meet the growing demands of society. It is no surprise to see it provide sutures of supreme quality at lower and reasonable prices. And this is possible only because of its incredible commitment to efficiency. The DemeTech - Polyglycolic Acid Sutures are high in demand among dentists all over the world.
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