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Bradley 5103 Toilet Tissue Holder

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This video is to bring you a closer look at the Bradley 5103 Toilet Tissue Holder.
All polished stainless with a hinged hood.
There is a white peel away protective film on the hood of the unit.
This is a single roll model.
Includes a chrome colored plastic spring loaded spindle.
Two screw holes in the back for attaching.
To install this item you need an adequate structure behind your wall in order to accommodate for the two screws.
There is a link below this video to the technical data sheet that shows everything important dimensionally about the item.
The overall width is 6-5/16″.
The overall height is 6-5/16″.
The depth is 1-7/8″, the outside will be closer to 2″ overall.
The center to center on the mounting holes is 3-3/4″.
Rough opening dimension is 5″ wide x 4-7/8″ high x 1-7/8″ deep.
You may want to go a tad larger on the 5″, the measurement on the tape measure comes out to about 5-1/16″.
There are some options with this unit: A -52 will give you an anti-theft spindle (the toilet roll must be exhausted before changing), -55 will give a clamp that you can slip into a hollow wall and the two screws from the unit itself will insert into the clamp, and as you tighten it the clamp and the tissue holder will sandwich together.
The other part numbers are provided in the link for your dual rolls and non hooded rolls.
Up to a 5″ diameter capacity for a roll of toilet paper.
Be sure you’re installing this within ADA regulations.
Bradley is a full-line manufacturer of all things commercial bathroom hardware related.
There lead times are a bit long, but their material is worth the wait.
If you have any questions on the Bradley 5103 Toilet Tissue Holder or any other product by Bradley please feel free to reach out to us.