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Company Profile Xinle Huabao Medical Products Co Ltd Was established in 1998 We specialized in the development production of Extruded Film and Laminated fabric and Hot Melt Laminating fabric for disposable medical product s development We now own seven production lines for Extruded Film and Hot Glue Lamination materials and 300 000 100 000 grade clean workshops with an area of 20000 sqm We have highly technologists and hard working staffs Main products Film for medical Bicolor Film TPE Film Puncture Resistance PE Film Anti Slip Film Anti Static film Anti Aging Film Sanitary Film etc PE coated and Hot Glue Lamination Spunlace PE Nonwoven PE Viscose PE Airlaid Paper PE Nowoven PE Spunlace etc...

Categories and Products

Extruded Film

Anti-Slip PE Film

Anti- Slip PE Film PP Coated nonwoven lamination material 

Bicolor PE Film

MEDICAL PE FILM 20gsm-300gsm Double Color PE film puncture resistance Bicolor PE Film 

Adhesive Tape Film

Skin color Bandage tape PE film Excellent flow film with many colors and patterns 

TPE Film

soft hand feeling TPE film 

Disposable PE Film

PE Film PE Coated Fabric Disposable PE film for Medical 

Extruded PE Film

Medical Anti-slip PE Film medical Anti-slip PE Film Multilayer Coextrusion PE Film PE film verious colors and covered roller pattern Anti slip extruded PE FILM 

Extruded Film Lamination

PE Coated Viscose

PE propythelen film coated viscose Blue PE Laminated absorbant nonwoven PE film coated with Viscose fabric PE film laminated viscose with glue 

PE Coated Spunlace

PE polythelen film Coated spunlace nonwoven Disposable floor cloth for decoration Three layer Laminted material 

PE Coated Tissue

breakpoint check mat /bed sheet Wrinkled paper Laminated with PE film with Perforation Airlaid Paper laminate with PE film 

PE Coated SMS

Liquid-proof SMS Disposable Surgical Gown material Sugical gown material with reinforced resistance liquid Disposable sugical gown material with reinforced piece 

PE Coated Absorbent SPP

Absorbant Fabric Sugical Gown Three Layer PP nonwoven Lamination 

Anti-slip Lamination

Anti-slip Gray PE coated PP nonwoven fabric lamination Anti-slip fabric shoes cover material PP Nonwoven coated with non-slip PE film 

Tri-layer Lamination

Three layer nonwoven coated PE polythelen film 

PE Coated Nonwoven

PP spunbond fabric Coated PE polethelen film PE Coated Airlaid paper PP Disposable Surgical Gown Lamination material Polypropylene Disposable Surgical Gown Lamination material Disposable PE lamination Surgical caps material Disposable PP lamination work cap material protective clothing security gown material Liquid Resistance High Tensile Strength coverall material Liquid Resistance Coverall material Even the cap protective clothing material Polypropylene coated Polyethlene film PP Nonwoven coated with PE film for coverall Disposable PP fabric Coating PE film 

Hot Melt Glue Lamination

Nonwoven Coated PE Film With Glue

PE Film Laminated Breathable fabric Disposable surgical drapes material 

Viscose Coated PE Film With Glue

PE Film Laminated Viscose 

Hydrophilic Fabric Coated PE Film With Glue

SM fabric Laminate with PE film 

Tri-layer Lamination

Multi-Layer Lamination With Glue tri-Layer Lamination With Glue 

Finished Products

Surgical Sets

disposable C-section Pack Medical disposable C-section Pack Disposable Universal pack Disposable surgical drape with PE film Disposable Instrument mask and table cover Disposable Mayo stand cover with SMS reinfored piece Disposable Mayo stand cover with SMS reinforce Disposable Mayo stand cover with SMS reinfored Disposable surgical drape with SM reinfored piece Disposable surgical drape with pe and absorbant PP 

Isolation Gown

Polypropylene+PE Film Lamination isolation gown Polypropylene and PE Film Lamination Surgical Gown SMS Laminated Fabric Coverall Coverall Isolation Gown Protective Suit disposable blue PE Gown Disposable PE gown for medical Laboratory Gown for any color Wood pulp cotton spunlace surgical gown 

Surgical Gown

disposable reinforced surgical gown Disposable Surgical gown for operating Disposable nonwoven fabric surgical gown Disposable sterile operating gown 


Medical disposable coverall 58 gsm Breathable PP Coated PE Film Coverall Coverall Isolation Gown Protection Suit High Quality Breathable and Blue Coverall Blue color disposable nonwoven coverall 


High performance lab gown 

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